If you like the sound codes and you want to continue the adventure, Session 4 “Energy Expansion” will open new energetic doors, essentially from the Vedic tradition. This new and complete treatment will bring you a great well being…
NB: The Agnostra sound code is only to be listened to once ; therefore be careful not to be disturbed while listening to this sound.


12 sound codes

Code 1 : Opening the treatment

This sound code will open today’s treatment and introduce the sacred vowels to your cells, to your atoms and to your electromagnetic field…

Code 2 : Agnostra, the transformation of the structure of the ego

The word ego comes from the common Indo-European : “eghom” passing through the ancient greek “egô” and means “I”, “me” or “I am”. Due to modern society, and our education, our ego is not always aligned to our divine self. It can be in excess or in deficiency. And may have personality defects. This code will “break” all the old geometric structures from your old ego, making new geometries appear, thus enabling you to access to your divine personality.

Code 3 : Arimnidou, the radiating nucleus

For Indians, the radiating nucleus is a very powerful energy channel. To illustrate this activation, it is as if an energetic scallop shell was unfolding from your matrix structure (the sphere located two fingers under the navel) and bring back your matrix energies to you so that you can permanently be self-nourished from it. Concretely we lose less energy because this code opens a dynamic energetic matrix. I invite you to visualize this channel every day for 3 months so that it can be active to its full potential.

Code 4 : Ambika, the celestial rainbow ray

For Indians, this ray is also a very important channel. It is a rainbow ray that start from very high and goes down through our vertical pranic tube to our crown chakra. In addition, it fills all our chakras with the most beautiful, deepest and most subtle colors of the whole creation. This channel anchors you because it sends the spirit down to the matter. I invite you to view this channel every day for 3 months so that it can be active to its full potential.

Code 5 : Nehalenia, the perfect flow

This sound code will activate the flow that is perfect for you. It is the energy of love, the divine energy that “flows” through each being and each thing. This sound will enable you to let go the energies that you have trouble letting go, since it pushes you out of control to let the universal energy “flow” through you…

Code 6 : Rathi

Rathi is, amongst other things, the goddess of wisdom and ancestral knowledge. This sound code will connect you to the flow of wisdom and ancestral knowledge.

Code 7 : Divine joy

This sound code invites us to the divine joy. It will stimulate our ability to be in the wonderment of every moment, in the spontaneity of the present moment… It will repair childhood wounds to awaken your inner child.

Code 8 : Healing of heartache

We all go through heartaches. These “sorrows” crystallize in our hearts and prevent us from living lightheartedly. This sound code will de-crystallize these negative energies so that your heart is more in “light”.

Code 9 : Unity

This sound sound will unify your physical body, your soul and your spirit. It will also unify your physical body and your 6 energetic bodies together to live the feeling of unity with the whole creation.

Code 10 : Centrage

After having unified your being, we will focus your energies. This sound code will enable you to feel deeply centered.

Code 11 : Balance of the sacred feminine and masculine

This sound code will give you an energetic example of the perfect balance between your masculine and feminine energies. To illustrate, it will create an inner and outer yin yang energy for more harmony in your polarities.

Code 12 : End of the treatment

This sound code will finalize the care for you today and will make sure that all the sound codes you received can continue to vibrate in each one of your cells, in each one of your atoms and in your electromagnetic field. All these sound codes will continue to expand in you along the way of your personal expansion.


This treatment should preferably be performed in preparation of the DNA treatment.