Additional information

It is possible to test the bad position of the atlas. Before the session, sit on a chair, ask someone else to come behind you and to place a finger on each side of the hollow under the ear. This is not where the atlas is, but that’s where we feel the shift between the skull and the atlas, you will especially feel the height shift between the left hand side and the right hand side. The left/right shift is less noticeable. Then doing this same test, at the end of the treatment, you will not feel any difference between both sides. It will be, like by magic, aligned and perfectly balanced!
You can also perform a rotation test of your head. Before the session, turn your head to one side and then to the other and take a mark. At the end of the treatment, perform it again and you will see that you will go further in your rotation. Then lower your chin to the chest, and take a mark. At the end of the treatment, you will go lower. Finally gently place your head backwards. Before the treatment, one feels a discomfort, a lack of security when putting the head backwards; after the session, this position will seem more pleasant, comfortable and natural.
Make sure that you are not going to be disturbed during your session. Center yourself with a conscious, slow and steady breathing. It is better to listen to the sound codes with an audio headset or headphones. Carefully read the explanations, since every sentence has its own raison d’être.
NB : We strongly discourage you from consuming alcohol or any illicit substances 8 hours minimum before, and after the session.

Drink a lot more water than usual during three days after the session to eliminate the physical and energetics toxins that can come off as a result of the care. It is possible that you have aches two or three days after the treatment, and that some old pains can temporarily appear for two or three weeks after sessions 2 and 3.
It’s normal, it’s part of the process, your body will re-harmonize himself according to the new situation. It is also possible that the treatment emotionally “shakes you up”. To picture what’s going on, it’s like popping up a champagne cork! This makes the bubbles come up… In our case, the bubbles are a whole lot of buried emotions that we could not heal or did not want to heal. The repositioning of the atlas by the sound codes will allow you to evacuate negative energies often buried since a long time.
It is better not to receive other energy treatments during 21 days after the sessions to avoid any interaction between different energy treatments. Nevertheless, if this happens because you had already planned an appointment, you have to know that the integration process will be more intense.
Do not sing the sound codes for someone else!!! You must have received a very specific training before doing this. Thank you for respecting this very important point. If the sound codes are misused they can cause considerable energetic damages. They are a sacred science that must be respected. Thank you also for respecting the fact that the sound codes are for individual use. If you have liked them, share the link to your friends.
NB : We strongly discourage you from consuming alcohol or any illicit substances 8h minimum before the session, and after the session.