Life gave me the chance to benefit from atlas balancing treatment with Aymeric. It is an extraordinary experience, an inner travel to the meeting of oneself. The effects are physical, psychic, spiritual. It’s not just about work on the 1st cervical vertebra. read more

Marie-Laure, Toulouse

Hello everyone! I benefited of the atlas balancing care, a little over a month ago now. What happiness !! An experience like no other, which has strengthened me in many aspects of my life. I feel so much anchored, more present … The softness of the sounds is wonderful. read more

Isabelle, Israël

Important meetings do not happen by chance! Asked by a friend to participate in an atlas balancing training course, I received from Aymeric and his two trainees, a very nice gift: a general rebalancing of my physical body, but also… read more

Sylvie, Narbonne

The Atlas Balancing made me discover another way to become aware of oneself and of our body’s resources. It is a pleasant and gentle method that penetrates us because the sounds and vibrations allows us to find a feeling of balance and harmony… read more


I did the atlas care and 2 months later I took my daughter … I wish it for everyone because it is a great help. Today I will try to cause to my sons do it also I do not want go into details but I’ll just give a few words to draw… read more


Hello Amelle and Aymeric … A big thank you to you for giving me the Atlas Balancing Care … A great and beautiful discovery! A journey inside my body and my mind. I come out full of good energies and love. You are beautiful and generous people and I read more


Our meeting with Aymeric was a magical encounter. It was even a solar encounter, since we met him with Serge on June 21 st of the summer solstice. A big day of light. Light that one feels physically in his presence. It is with joy that… read more

Marie-France, Serge et Paule

I brought with me the sequelae of several cranial traumas, and besides a genu varum and a dysplasia on the left, I did not believe anymore that one can do something to relieve me. My brain was not functioning properly, nor the nervous system and I regularly lost… read more

Marianne, Ariège

It’s been more than 5 weeks since I received Atlas Balancing treatments by Aymeric and I must admit that his care of highly vibratory songs are one of my best experiences … Thank you Aymeric! Difficult to explain … It is powerful … Obvious … It resonate… read more

Jacqueline, Paris

First of all thanks to Aymeric for this beautiful exchange, thank you for these magical sounds that made our bodies vibrate and help us to refocus in our relationship; thank you for helping us to forsake of the old bagages by releasing old memories… read more

Dominique et Marie-Ange

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