The second Atlas Balancing session is purely energetic. It is a global harmonization. We will stretch the aura upwards then downwards to finalize energy harmonization when wide opening ide the heart chakra. The integration time between the first two sessions and the third one may be more or less intense; live this process in consciousness.


6 sound codes

Code 1: Upwards opening

This sound code will open all your upper chakras up to the top.

Code 2 : Earth Light

This sound code will bring telluric energies (from the earth) up to cosmic energies (the sky) through your body.

Code 3 : Rooting to the earth

This sound code will anchor your energies to the earth. With this sound you will visualize some energy roots which start from under your feet and root deeply into the ground, as if you were a tree (this visualization can be performed every day to develop your rooting).

Code 4 : Sky Light

This sound code will bring cosmic energies down to telluric energies through your body.

Code 5 : State of love

This sound code will wide open your heart chakra so that you can love yourself more, love the people around you, and love the whole creation…

Code 6 : End of the treatment

This sound code will finalize the treatment for you today and will ensure that all the sound codes you received will continue to vibrate in each of your cells, in each of your atoms and in your electromagnetic field. These sound codes will continue to expand alongside your personal expansion.


This treatment is sold with treatment 1 and 3 via the Atlas Balancing Pack...