The third Atlas Balancing session should preferably take place 21 days after sessions 1 and 2. It is however possible to listen to the third session at least 24 hours after sessions 1 and 2 if you feel that you have integrated these two. It contains energetic and physical sound codes.


12 sound codes

Code 1: Opening the treatment

This sound code will open today’s treatment and introduce the sacred vowels to your cells, to your atoms and to your electromagnetic field…

Code 2: Liberation of ancestral negative paradigms

We all have negative beliefs related to our transgenerational history. It takes the form of physiological pathologies or the form of negative behavioral patterns which are reproduced from generation to generation. To illustrate, it’s like if we had golden threads behind us that connect us to our whole family tree. In these golden filaments there are energetic “nodes” which prevent the energies from circulating harmoniously. This sound code will untie these “nodes” so that you can receive all the positive side of your transgenerational history, because fortunately your ancestors have not only transferred you old suitcases!

Code 3: Coccyx

This sound code will reset your coccyx in an upright position and “plug” it energetically to the earth like we “plug in” an electrical cord. In alchemy we say that “When the spirit reaches a certain level of consciousness, it comes to sit in the body”. It is this process that you will experiment while listening to this sound. This will enable you to be even more anchored, even much more connected to the earth and it will also enable you to better receive the telluric energies.

Code 4: Coccyx – atlas connection

This code will energetically connect your coccyx and atlas so that your spine is fully aware of its full verticality.

Code 5: Physical Xiphoide

The xiphoid is a bone located at the end of the sternum. Since we grow up with a shifted atlas, this bone is also shifted (on the right or the left, it varies). This sound code will correctly reposition your xiphoid and will enable to open your horizontal pranic tube (see the next sound code).

Code 6: Activation of the horizontal pranic tube

We have a vertical pranic tube which connects us from the earth to the sky and irrigates with prana (energy) our energy centers (chakras). Well, we also have another very important channel which is called the horizontal pranic tube. This energy channel starts from the plexus and goes straight ahead in front of us and straight through our back like a line that runs straight through our plexus. Once this line is activated, you will form a perfect cross at the energy level. To illustrate this activation, we can refer to the Egyptian cross of life called Ankh. If we look at it in profile view, we can see that the bottom line represents the legs, the middle line represents the horizontal pranic tube and the loop is an energy loop that starts from the plexus and goes up to the back. Another energy loop starts from behind and comes back in front, at the level of the plexus. This is called counter-rotating energy (it turns in both direction). This channel is very powerful, it is very solar. It will multiply your power in matter and allow you to co-create your reality by projecting your intentions to the life.

Code 7: Deep anchoring

In session 2 we worked anchoring to the ground, now we will connect even more to the earth with this sound code that will deeply anchor you until the center of the earth for a better verticality. Once done, in the future if you “lose balance”, if you feel destabilized, you will only have to close your eyes, take a good breath, and center you on the center of the earth to find back your axis.

Code 8: Sri kalki

Sri kalki is an Indian divinity which is all blue and who is riding on a white horse with a crystal sword. He is call the great cleaner, the great exorcist. This code will cut, sever all negative links that you could have with other people, negative entities, and so on…

Code 9 : Salvation

This sound code will act on the residual karmas. These are karmas that have already been transmuted in other lives or in this one but by lack of conscience and by bad habit, we kept some residues which manifest themselves like energy burden and they stay in our aura. These residual karmas make us live again and again situations that we have already experienced so many times that we wonder why we still live them. Well, indeed these situations do not serve anything! This sound code will “put in the trash” all your residual karmas to you to living only wath is necessecary. And so fulfill your destiny. Thus, you will lose less time!

Code 10: Activation of the 8 stem cells

This code will activate your 8 primordial stem cells. They are located two fingers under the navel in your “hara” (center of Qi). They are the imprint of who we are because it is in these that we incarnates. Our deep personality, our DNA, our keys and our existential codes are “printed” in. This code will activate your 8 stem cells and in the same time will activate all the cells in your body for better cell organization and a better capacity for self-regeneration.

Code 11: Absolute relaxation

This code will allow you to let go all the things that you have trouble to letting go. IIt will relax your energetic bodies, your mind, your muscles, your nervous system… All your being is going to relax deeply.

Code 12: End of the treatment

This code will finalize the treatment for you today and will make sure that all the sound codes you received will continue to vibrate in each one of your cells, in each one of your atoms and in your electromagnetic field. These sound code will continue to expand in you along the way of your personal expansion.

This session is sold with the first two care via the Atlas balancing pack...