The first Atlas Balancing session essentially operates on the physical body because we will stimulate and move some bones. The first two ones must be listened to one after the other.
NB: The Atlas sound code must be listened to just once ; Therefore be careful not to be disturbed while you are listening to this sound. Many perceptions can be experimented while you are listening to it, whether physical, energetic or emotional. It’s also possible that nothing conscious happens, and this is OK, since the sound codes act deeply and your Atlas will be correctly repositioned at the end of your sound treatment.


7 sound codes

Code 1: Opening the treatment

This code will open today’s treatment and introduce the sacred vowels to your cells, to your atoms and to your electromagnetic field…

Code 2: Atlas

This code will enable your atlas to get back to its original position.

Code 3: Axis

This code will connect together your atlas and your axis (the first and second cervical vertebrae). Once accomplished, your atlas will be realigned until the end of your life ! It will never be able to move again.

Code 4: Cervicals

This sound code will liberate your cervical vertebrae from physical and energetic tensions. It will re-inform each of your cervical vertebrae that the atlas and the axis have found back their original positions. I invite you to listen to this code 5 times for the 5 remaining cervical vertabrae.

Code 5: Liberation of emotional slags

This sound code will act on four energy “pockets” located in our back and thus in our subconscious. These “pockets” contain negative memories crystallized since childhood. For example: our parents or teachers who would have told us “you are too much of this or too much of that”, the false promises that we made to ourselves, emotional wounds, various traumas, etc. In everyday language we say: “have the back full of it”, “carrying a heavy burden”, etc. This sound is not always pleasant to receive because it can bring back many buried emotions. This sound code will liberate a maximum of these negative energies and those which will remain (which require further introspection) will move from unconsciousness to consciousness so that these energies can be released later on. This code has to be listened to 4 times. The first “pocket” is about the first and second energy centers, it’s often where our fears reside. The second “pocket” is about the solar plexus which is the connection to the father and the navel which is the connection to the mother. For the third “pocket”, we will free up the space of the heart. And the last “pocket” is about the chakra of the throat, the third eye, the liberation of the mental sphere and the coronal chakra.
t à écouter 4 fois. La première poche concerne le premier et le deuxième centre énergétique, c’est souvent là où siègent nos peurs. La deuxième poche concerne le plexus solaire qui est la connection au père et le nombril qui est la connection à la mère. Pour la troisième poche, nous allons libérer l’espace du cœur. Et pour la dernière poche, elle concerne le chakra de la gorge, le troisième œil, la libération de la sphère mentale et le chakra coronal.

Code 6: Sacrum

The sacrum is a sacred place as its name suggests. It is an energetic “gate” which enables the upper (cosmic) energies and the bottom (telluri) energies to flow in our body. The following sound code will open the sacrum as a lightning disc and will thereby enable these energies to better flow in our body.

Code 7: Spine

This sound code will liberate your spine vertebrae from physical and energetic tensions. It will re-inform each of your cervical vertebrae that the atlas and the axis have found their original positions.


This treatment is sold with the last two treatments via the Atlas Balancing Pack...