In resonance

Session 9 “Organico-Quantum” will activate your main organic systems, boost your metabolism and so allow an awareness of the perfect biological-quantum orchestration of your physical body of light…
Everything is vibration so everything is light. . Treatment 9 will fully activate your « inner-outer-connection frequency » so that your physical body, in its entirety, be in perfect resonance with the rhythms of the earth, of nature, of the universe, and of the whole creation.
Session 9 is an invitation to enter into symbiosis with the cosmic symphony of life. 21 codes (manifested world) to realize and be in tune, in perfect harmony with « the whole sounded multi-frequency » of existence.

This new sound treatment will activate the quantum potential of your physical system: re-encoding of the 6 brains, the 10 major organs and the blood.


First part: the 6 brains – 7 codes

Opening of the treatment

This code will open the treatment for you today and introduce the sacred vowels to your cells, to your atoms and to your electromagnetic field…

Code 1: The brain of the cranial box.

For a unified «quantum inner-outer-cerebral-energetic » connection. This code will link the internal sonic resonances of your cranial cavity to natural external resonances.

Code 2: The brain of the heart

This sound code will fully activate your emotional intelligence. It will also allow that the singing of your heart, the cardiac sound rhythms are in sound-frequency harmony with the heartbeat of the earth…

Code 3: The intestinal brain

This code will activate the process of total release of intestinal memories by de-crystallizing, highlighting, and releasing the main intestinal energy nodes. It will also fluidize the organic and energetic intestinal transit.

Code 4: The matrix brain

Sound code 4 will stimulate, and sustainably activate your creativity by encoding your matrix of frequencies and natural creative processes.
It will stimulate your co-creative cosmic-telluric schemes.
Thus, your infinite multi-creative divine inspiration will be fully conscious of your creative power.
Code 4 will also anchor the awareness and manifestation of your sacred sexuality.

Code 5: The brain of the skin

The brain of the skin (comprising the main parts: the epidermis, the dermis, the hypodermis) is made of a hexagonal canvas as for crystals. Its “meshing” is a quantum lattice composed of billions of hexagons connected by pure energy.
We can master the awareness of cutaneous energy exchanges and subcutaneous thanks to this code. It also allows you to link your «cutanouesè-energetical quantum » mesh to the universal canvas (It is the « unified cosmic-telluric web»).
Your skin will be able to more easily absorb the outer prana and will circulate the body energy to its full potential (unified and boosted aura).
In summary: for a new skin which feeling good.

Code 6: The multi-cellular brain

It will activate the full awareness of cellular intelligence. All body cells are connected by an invisible lattice and communicate with each others. The next sound code will encode and activate your entire cellular network so that it resonates with the cosmic-telluric canvas (the pranic cellular network).
This sound will allow you to better use your cellular memory and will also boost your cell self-regeneration capacity. (Cells regenerate every 21 seconds).
Code 6 will also increase your ability to communicate with your cells. You will be able to feel the connection between the «cerebral multi-cellular » system of your body and your “light-cellular-auric” system.
Your cells will have the manifested consciousness of being real particles of light unified to the «extra-cellular multidimensional» network.

Second part: the 10 major organs – 10 codes

The following codes will encode the organs that will be mentioned.
Each organ has a corresponding sound, a precise frequency manifested by sacred «organic-sound-vibratory» geometries.
These sound codes will create a unified resonance of all your organs by activating their respective functions on the physical, energetic and quantum planes.

Code 7: The heart

Unification of the right side and left sides of the heart. Centering and activation of the energetic core. Frequency synchronization of sonic and cardiac vibrations with the heartbeat of the earth, of the galaxy and of the universe…

Code 8: The lungs

Unification of the two lungs. Activation of the quantum breathing system for a growing capacity to directly transform the air into prana (tchi, energy). Your breathing will be more and more conscious and you will be better and better able to capture and spread prana in your cells.

Code 9: The kidneys

Unification of the two kidneys.
Encoding of their quantum functions of filtration of energetic toxins.
Encoding of the emotional toxin elimination system.

Code 10: The diaphragm

Activation of the frequency of the conscious and optimal pranic respiratory cycle.

Code 11: The stomach

Encoding of the quantum digestive function (energetic digestion of emotions).
Connection with the liver, spleen, pancreas, diaphragm, and intestines (creation of a lattice of “stomach-organic” energy connections).

Code 12: The pancreas

Tuning of the exocrine “function” (external secretions of pancreatic enzymes) with the pancreas endocrine system (secretions of hormones in the blood).

Code 13: The liver

Expansive “quantum organic-energetic” enhancement of the multi-functional system of your liver.
Better management of your anger. Amplification of the ability to evacuate anger without manifesting it by the transmutation of negative crystallizations into pure love.

Code 14: The spleen

Increase of the quality of energy “bio-synthesis”. “Tchi” production through improved transformation of food and drink energy.
Improved and made conscious extraction, transportation and dissemination process of “tchi” (ki, prana). Cell decrystallization of stress.

Code 15: The bladder

Improved and made conscious during micturition energetic toxin and organic waste disposal system.

Code 16: The genitals

Sensitive re-encoding of re-harmonization in all dimensions of sacred sexuality.

Third part: the blood (our sap of life …) – 6 codes

Amongst other, this third part will encode, and inform your blood of the natural pranic circulatory frequencies, in order to increase the uniqueness and physical-energy plasma fluidity. (Liquid part of the blood in which the major blood components are immersed).
Increase of the unifying quantum function of the blood. Your blood will be made conscious, felt as liquid light.

Code 17: White blood cells

Boost your immune system by sustainably stimulating your bone marrow for amplified white blood cell production.

Code 18: Red blood cells

Boost and optimization of the transport and diffusion of oxygen in the body.

Code 19: Invisible globules

Invisible globules are the quantum link between all the cells in your body. They will be fully operational since made conscious and activated. Their pranic frequency connector function will be at their maximum.

Code 20: The whole blood system

This sound code will dissolve your main vibratory and physical blood dissonances.
So your blood will better flow; its vibratory rate will be higher which will induce more fluidity, and it will be properly related to materialized and non-materialized quantum fluids.
Your blood will come into positive resonance with your highest vibratory memories, (distant archetypal memories, “pure” original memories of your bloodline).

Code 21: Global activation of all your organic-energetic system

This code will allow you to be in total resonance with your whole organism, and all the universal resonances (giant cosmic organism).

End of the treatment

This code will finalize the treatment for you today and will make sure that all the sound codes you received will continue to vibrate in each one of your cells, in each one of your atoms and in your electromagnetic field. These sound code will continue to expand in you along the way of your personal expansion.

This treatment can be performed independently of the others.