Unexplored abilities

Session 8 “The Brain” aims at enabling, activating, and encoding various important parts of the brain as the name suggests. The brain is a complex biological quantum computer. The good circulation of energies and information in the brain labyrinth activates surprising abilities, still unexplored by a large part of humanity. (About 10% of the brain capacity is used on average).

This treatment aims at unifying the reptilian system, the limbic system, and the neo-cortex to activate the new cortex of supra-consciousness…

The unused 90% will begin to “wake up”, to activate themselves, to develop your metaphysical gifts (strong intuition, expanded inner vision, “facilitated co-creation of your reality”, “telepathy”, multidimensional vision…).
The 5 lobes (cerebral, frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital) will harmonize so that your brain can function to the maximum of its present potential.

Boost of awareness of your abilities guaranteed!

Your quantum cerebral system will be activated through as you experience awareness. Your mental brain, your mental body will be transformed. Your skull and what it contains (quantum organic complex, multiple and unified) will more and more resonate in a crystalline multi-frequency.
Some discomfort could set up for a few days after the treatment (maximum 3 days) linked to the cerebral psycho-energetic “decrystallizations” that will come undone.

A more important feeling of thought fluidity will be experienced.
The conscious understanding of the quantum brain will be put in place in a total dynamic balance.
Within the 21 days following the treatment, you will perceive that «you will much less mentalize», less mental hook, you will be less subject to parasitic thoughts that off-center you from your axis.

The basic sound frequency of the brain center is 8 Hz. This treatment will allow this frequency to resonate by itself with the individual brain multi-frequencies (which are unique!).
Your brain will emit and receive the vibrations of the melody that co-creates the nature, or as the native Americans say «The great spirit».
Your brain, which is mainly double, will resonate with the perfect unity of billions of visible and invisible neurons for a global awareness of your extra-brain faculties. (Metaphysical faculties).


22 sound codes

Opening of the treatment

This code will open the treatment for you today and introduce the sacred vowels to your cells, to your atoms and to your electromagnetic field…

Code 1: The pineal gland

The pineal gland regulates the entire endocrine system, it also spreads the cosmic energy into the body. It is the center of absolute clear vision.
The following sound code will activate the full potentiality of your pineal gland so that it can play her role to the maximum of its potential.

Code 2: The brain stem

It belongs to the central nervous system.
It is a pillar of energies and nervous connections. It plays an important role in managing breathing and is also the location of sounds in a space. The following sound code will fully activate the organic and quantum brain stem capacities.

Code 3: The corpus callosum (cerebral quantum link)

A true quantum connector, the corpus callosum connects the lobes of our brain. It also ensures the transfer of information between the two hemispheres. The following sound code will fully activate the organic and quantum capacities of the corpus callosum.

Code 4: The thalamus

Amongst others, it regulates the state of vigilance, the sleep, as well as the conscience and also the consciousness of being conscious. The following sound code will fully activate the organic and quantum abilities of the thalamus.

Code 5: The hypothalamus

It connects the endocrine system and the nervous system because of the pituitary gland.
The following sound code will fully activate the organic and quantum capabilities of the hypothalamus.

Code 6: The pituitary gland

It secretes at least 9 hormones. It coordinates the functions of all body systems as well as energy and cellular metabolism. The following sound code will fully activate the organic and quantum pituitary gland.

Code 7: The amygdala

It is essential to our ability to feel and perceive people’s emotions (to whom we are linked). The following sound code will fully activate the organic and quantum capacities of the amygdala.

Code 8: The cerebellum

Essentially linked to the ability of movement without being at its origin, it contributes to the coordination and the synchronization of the “conscious” gestures. The following sound code will fully activate the organic and quantum capacities of the cerebellum.

Code 9: The hippocampus

It mainly manages the brain, space and cellular memory, but also the notion of navigation and orientation in a “pre-sensed” space. The following sound code will fully activate the organic and quantum capabilities of the hippocampus.

Code 10: Left side brain

Activation of the more masculine part of the brain (logic, control, cognitive).

Code 11: Right side brain

Activation of the more feminine part of the brain (creation, emotion, affective).

Code 12: Reptilian brain

The reptilian brain corresponds to the so-called ancestral brain. It governs the regulation of vital functions, natural needs and so-called primitive behaviors such as instinct.
Activation for a connection of the three brains to get out of mental duality and create a brain trinity. The three brains will thus be physically connected and work in synergy.

Code 13: The reptilian system

The reptilian system corresponds to the body dimension.

Code 14: The limbic system

The limbic system corresponds to the soul plane.
Matrix of perception and reactions, whether conscious or not, related to emotions. Increased matrix sensation, at the level of the heart and at the intellectual level.

Code 15: The neo-cortex

The neo-cortex corresponds to the spirit and also corresponds to the unused 90%.
It is the seat of increased abilities.

Code 16: The new cortex of supra-consciousness

They are the invisible energetic cells in the entire cerebral sphere that, once activated and connected, create the manifestation of “conscious” supra-consciousness.
That is to say, a permanent sensation and consciousness to being connected with everything, from the inside and the outside. This activation also allows to welcome and integrate the notion of “uncreated”, emptiness, nothing … of the whole.

Code 17: Neurons

These are brain cells that transmit information. This sound code will, so to speak, make your neurons “twinkle” to allow them to take the geometric shape they are supposed to have during their actions. (They take the form of one or more platonic solids when they are in action).

Code 18: The axons

They are transmitters of nerve impulses between neurons.
This sound code will increase the flow of nervous information. This sound code also balances the electromagnetism of cerebral informational nervous impulses.

Code 19: Synapses

They are quantum neurotransmitters. They are between neurons. There are 4 types of synapses: chemical, electrical, magnetic, and invisible synapses.
This code will enable the maximum opening of synapses to increase the capacity of multidimensional neurotransmissions.

Code 20: The brain in its entirety

This code will allow the unification of cerebral frequencies for the emission of a unified multi-frequency sound ”song”.

End of the treatment

This code will finalize the treatment for you today and will make sure that all the sound codes you received will continue to vibrate in each one of your cells, in each one of your atoms and in your electromagnetic field. These sound code will continue to expand in you along the way of your personal expand.

This treatment can be done independently of the others