Energy centers

Session 6 “The thirteen Chakras” is a new quantum sound treatment. If the reality of the 7 chakras is well established in the West, few people are aware that we have 13 chakras as it is said in ancient ancestral traditions amongst which the Vedic tradition. This sound treatment enables, amongst other things, the activation of the sacred geometries of the thirteen main energy centers. These activations allow the chakras to resonate and to expand to the upmost potential of your present moment and in an evolutionary manner.
These 13 sound codes make the the 13 chakras resonate with the sound frequencies of the 13 original colors of the creation. They are also connected to the principles, to the 13 fundamental laws governing the manifestation of the being. Expect a real and complete energy realignment as well as multi-frequency sound encoding.
This sound quantum treatment manifests throughout our being the reality of multidimensional unity. The perfect manifestation of the multiple unified to the one. It creates a synergy between our energy centers, our merkabah (electromagnetic fields composed of particular sacred geometries) and our physical body.

Session 6 is very powerful and requires a conscious integration time of a minimum of 21 days.

It is recommended to meditate about 13 minutes a day by visualizing the colors associated with our chakras. The purpose of this 6th code is to activate and boost the chakras so that your aura raises its vibratory rate to the rainbow frequency.


15 sound codes

Code 1: Opening of the treatment

This sound code will open today’s treatment and introduce the sacred vowels to your cells, to your atoms and to your electromagnetic field…

Code 2: 1st energy center

Connected to the anchorage, it is the center of the perfect telluric connection.
Associated color: red, brown, black.
A.P.D.L (Associated Principle and Divine Law) :
“I respect life and the planetary matrix that welcomes me”

Code 3: 2nd energy center

Center of the connection to the personal and universal matrix.
Associated color: orange.
A.P.D.L “To be in a matrix resonance balanced with what is”

Code 4: 3rd energy center

Center of radiation of “I am divine”.
Associated color: yellow.
A.P.D.L “Express your deep self with accuracy”.

Code 5: 4th energy center

Center of the power of ultimate Love.
Associated color: Pink and green
A.P.D.L: “Love yourself, love the different light beings of the reation as the divine mother-father loves you with infinite kindness”.

Code 6: 5th energy center

Center of the connection to the inter-dimensional communication between one self and the created, the manifested.
Associated color: blue
A.P.D.L: “I communicate with clarity, purity and with a conscious sound frequency precision” (explanation if necessary).

Code 7: 6th energy center

Center connected to clairvoyance, at the service of life.
Associated color: purple, indigo.
A.P.D.L: “I use my sensory and extrasensory gifts, accepting them as naturally divine and perfect”.

Code 8: 7th energy center

Perfect cosmic connection.
Associated color: crystal white.
A.P.D.L: “Honor the divine in his absolute wisdom, in the expression of love, of pure light.»

Code 9: 8th energy center

Connection to the inner child, and to love beyond oneself…
Associated color: magenta pink.
A.P.D.L: “I listen to and let my inner child shine, my unconditional love for all creation. In the wonderment of every moment”.

Code 10: 9th energy center

Center for the expression of deep communication, expressed with the energy and intent of healing. This center expresses on a higher plane the 4th and 5th dimension, unified in oneself and outside oneself.
Associated color: magenta blue–green.
A.P.D.L: “I become conscious of the purity of all I express in everything I emit, in everything I receive. I position the intention that every sacred geometry emitted or received be pure love and pure light».

Code 11: 10th energy center

Center of the connection to primordial lunar energy. This center connects us to the original sacred feminine, to the mother…, to the unconsciousness and to the consciousness of the balanced expression of the original, magnetic, multidimensional and lunar polarity.
Associated color: Pure original silver.
A.P.D.L: “I respect my feminine polarity as well as all expressions of the original sacred feminine».

Code 12: 11th energy center

Center of the Connection to the primordial solar energy. This center connects us to the original sacred masculine. To the father, to the unconsciousness and to the consciousness of the balanced expression of the original multidimensional solar polarity.
Associated color: Pure original gold.
A.P.D.L: «I respect my masculine polarity as well as all the expressions of the original sacred masculine»

Code 13: 12th energy center

This center acts as a multidimensional quantum “connector”.
It strengthens the first 11 centers and creates a connection space with the 13th center. Once fully activated, it inter-connects each inner dimension with the ultimate energetic, to allow each center to be connected, united, activated.
It also enables each level to resonate independently of the entire energy centers system (13 levels per center).
Associated color: Platinum
A.P.D.L: “By my full presence, I allow the unification of the love dimensions which are in me and outside of me in the consciousness that everything is connected.»

Code 14: 13th energy center

Center of unity perfection through the multidimensional manifestations and the multiple connected to the one.
Associated color: Rainbow.
A.P.D.L: “I am the very expression of the created and the non-created.. I let life and “The great spirit” (original father-mother dimension) co-creates what must be in love and pure light, in the here and now eternal present.»

Full activation of this center awakens the multidimensional unity of the 13 resonances, colors, sound frequencies and transforms us into a rainbow being…

These 13 activations awaken the 14th energy center, or the energy center number 0 which manifests a unity, a global energy center also called: balanced, unified, conscious electromagnetic aura, or simply “MERKABAH” (see codes 7) . (Code O is activated by the inner silence).
The chakra 0 has a neutral resonance, invisible and rainbow. It is the connection to the global, terrestrial, galactic, universal and multi-dimensional frequencies, because this chakra encompasses us. Inside and outside ourselves, it unifies our Being with what is, with a perfect unitary inter-dimensional connection.

Code 15: End of the treatment

This code will finalize the treatment for you today and will make sure that all the sound codes you received will continue to vibrate in each one of your cells, in each one of your atoms and in your electromagnetic field. These sound codes will continue to expand alongside your personal expansion.


This treatment can be performed independently of the others.